"Every human being is born with a set of abilities and talents that are unique in their combination. Being aware of this combination and living it means joy, success and excellence."
Linda Pichler (Trainer, Coach, Speaker)


How inspiration has enabled me to travel the world

Here is my reply: my personal inspiration revealed itself to me early on in my life and I have always kept it in mind, regardless of temporary adverse circumstances. It has been my personal GPS ever since I was 15. What was to evolve out of the igniting flash of recognition has gone far beyond my faintest dreams.

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Often people wanted to know how I have been able to live like that for such a long time. More than 10 years ago I became a coach and developed the "Career Scorecard". It is a method to help others recognize their inspiration. It starts with taking inventory of talents, abilities and preferences to recognize personal inspiration. It then identifies goals and possible paths of realization. It wraps up the findings by drafting a plan of action for next steps.

Today I still love to travel and hardly ever spend more than 4 consecutive weeks in one place. My trips energize and inspire me and with great joy and passion, I share my expertise and experience.

Inspirational Leadership, 19 November 2017

24./25. Februar 2018

Money, Wealth, Business and Cryptocurrecies

Johannesburg, SA

Frühjahr 2017

SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich

"Organizational Behavior and Leadership"

Januar 2017

Fachhochschule Salzburg/Puch

Guest Lecture: Interkulturalität im Toruismus

18. Februar 2016


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