"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching and the greatest things can happen."
Pete Carroll (born 1951, head coach Seattle Seahawks)



Coaching services in English, German, Italian and Spanish

Coaching is an instrument, which will save you time and money consuming detours in your thinking and acting when you use it. This is especially true for people in executive and leading positions of companies who need to make important decisions on a daily basis. In most cases, leaders lack people at peer level to test own ideas and to confide in. This is where the professional executive coach comes in to provide an absolutely confidential personal feedback system.

In general, adults have the habit of thinking within their habitual patterns of thought. When thinking in the same thought patterns, how likely is it to obtain different results? Only another person can make you become aware of your own thought patterns. As your coach I assist you in becoming aware of your own thinking processes. The solution to any problem, the answer to any question is already in you – I can be your guide to finding it.

I have worked as a systemic coach since 2001 and have specialized on leadership coaching in an international environment. With my personal background in managerial positions in Europe, Latin America and China and my special language and intercultural competence I have an in-depth awareness of the challenges in such an environment. This enables me to effectively support CEOs and executives in such positions internationally.

One-on-one English Coaching

  • Preparing managers for specific meetings, presentations or events where they need to deliver in English

Process Coaching for CEOs and Executives

In many situations it can be very useful to reflect on decisions, processes and changes, as well as on their implementation with a neutral, external coach. This tool allows you to obtain clear insights on the effects of your actions for all stakeholders involved.

Coaching for Employees in Leadership Positions

A leadership role is often a big challenge for employees because it requires different behavior to superiors, colleagues and the team to be led. To switch between those differing roles requires awareness of them and clarity. As your coach I support you in making those roles clear. Especially in conflict situations this clarity is a key success factor. Once you have clarity you are in a very good position to make successful decisions.

Career Coaching

You have talents and skills, things you just love to do, so you do them really well and you would like to make your passion your profession. You have not clearly identified your talents yet, but you feel you are ready for a change in life. There are so many things you would like to do, the question is how to choose the most suitable option!

You identify your preferences
You see where your energy goes
You define how much time you want to spend working
You define what you want to learn and experience
You determine where and how you would like to live
The result is a clear path for you

Diversity Coaching

Today diversity is much more than just gender diversity.

Diversity is also:

  • People with diverse cultural backgrounds
  • People who have very diverse concepts of time, trust, loyalty, responsibility and leadership
  • People with limitations
  • People with special skills
  • People of very diverse age groups

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